The JACKfm Outstanding Visitor Experience Award

This Award category is open to any organisation, regardless of size, involved in the tourism, events, leisure and accommodation sectors in Oxfordshire.

Entries are Closed

Entry to the Oxfordshire Business Awards 2022 will open on Thursday 2 December 2021. Entries close on Monday 14 March 2022. 

Organisations need to be able to demonstrate their resilience in achieving their objectives, as well as to how they contribute to the Oxfordshire visitor economy. Each organisation must be able to showcase their clearly defined approach and highlight how what they offer provides an outstanding visitor experience.

The judges will be looking for evidence of: 

  • Your current business performance
  • Examples of your wider contribution to our visitor economy 
  • Examples of how you adapted to COVID’s impact in the market
  • The stand-out quality that makes for an outstanding visitor experience
  • Your vision / strategy to attract and sustain domestic tourism


Previous Winners