The Hays Employer of the Year Award

What makes your organisation a great employer? Is it the location & offices, the culture, the people, the boss?

Entries are Closed

Entry to the Oxfordshire Business Awards 2019 will open on Thursday 10 January 2019. Entries close on Monday 18 March 2019. 

If you have new and innovative working practices that make your organisation an excellent employer, let us know. Here are some of the ways your organisation could be considered the employer of the year: 

  • Creative working styles.
  • Innovative working environment & operational excellence.
  • Staff development, training, retention and recruitment.
  • Wide-ranging staff facilities.
  • Leadership and management.
  • An open, inclusive work culture.
  • Strong environmental policies.
  • Sustained financial improvement.

Entries can come from private, public and third sector organisations and this award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate a stimulating and supportive workplace, with a well-motivated, well-trained, ambitious, innovative and integrated workforce.

Judges will look for evidence of how employees have been engaged in strategic goals and values, to achieve and sustain commercial and competitive success.

They will also look at investment in people, initiatives to create a more collaborative culture, and the impact this has had on commercial performance.

Previous Winners